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Being able to rely on the best and brightest minds in an industry is a competitive advantage in the AI war on talent.

Empower your AI capability with Faktion data scientists

Put yourself at the vanguard of your industry by boosting your internal AI capabilities with exceptionally talented and motivated data scientists.

Screened and nurtured by Faktion, every data scientist embodies the Faktion entrepreneurial and quality-oriented culture and brings passion and expertise in the domain of AI, software engineering, project management, or DevOps on board.

Our Faktion data scientists work alongside your team as an embedded unit. This means our customers operate at total freedom to manage their projects and team.

If you are looking to add external talent to your AI capability, give Faktion a call, and learn how we can complement your workforce.

DPG Media

The experts from Faktion were extremely valuable for validating ideas from our in-house ML team and enabled us to accelerate delivery of our product. It was a pleasure to have them collaborate alongside the team.

Maarten Devillé
Video Personalization Lead

Every data scientist, backed up by a growing team of experts

Infusing your AI capability with Faktion talent means you have access to the entire talent pool and knowledge base of Faktion.

In order to facilitate this continuous knowledge sharing, we always propose to have your Faktion data scientist work from Faktion for a minimum of days. During these days, your project gets known at Faktion, hereby stimulating other data scientists to share their ideas, debate, think, and work on hard problems together. 

Being able to funnel decades and centuries of combined AI expertise into your project through your embedded Faktion data scientists is our, and your, competitive advantage for turning your AI projects into a success.

Every time.

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