Since 2016, we build and grow ventures that create the AI solutions of tomorrow and inspire new ways of working

AI venture incubation as an economic accelerator

Based on a strong legacy of AI solution engineering, Faktion incubates various AI technologies and is behind some of the leading AI companies in Europe.

Having a strong entrepreneurial DNA, Faktion continuously explores B2B market opportunities with the intent to spin off these opportunities into standalone companies with the business model and technology to grow world-class organizations.

Our focus is primarily on enterprise B2B markets, active in fast-growing markets with a specific geographical, technology, or industry focus.

Upon incubation, Faktion actively supports the business activities of its standalone companies with outsourced hyper-performing machine learning and engineering services, board support, management coaching, and support in fundraising and M&A activities.


When joining as Chief Commercial Officer, I was empowered to operate independently to tune and boost the company's business model to SaaS, initiate fundraising, and in my capacity as CEO lead the M&A activity resulting in the acquisition by Sinch - a NASDAQ stock listed company. is now a core proposition of Sinch who is active on a global scale. The growth has been a great experience for the whole team.

Rick Van Esch

Our AI ventures

Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform

#Interact, by Proximus, is an intelligent social media support platform that seamlessly integrates with chatbot platforms, augmenting and enabling support agents to easily manage conversations through different channels .

Acquired by Proximus (2018).

Conversational AI Platform

Conversational agents built for enterprises. Chatlayer is an A.I. driven enterprise platform for end-to-end conversational user engagement.

Acquired by Sinch (2020).

Intelligent Document & Email Automation Platform

Metamaze is a platform to automate complex manual workflows of both structured and unstructured documents through our best-in-class Natural Language Processing engine.

Standalone (2020)

A process for AI corporate

Upon identifying a clear B2B market opportunity, Faktion uses a controlled process with clear decision-gates at board level to initiate, incubate, operate and accelerate an opportunity into a standalone venture.

Maximum 6 months from idea to pilot, a minimum of at least 0,5 million in sales, and an experienced management team identified. These are only some of the basic requirements to consider the incubation phase. 

Having a strong no-nonsense and hands-on approach, Faktion’s enterpreneurial DNA uses a basic set of go/no-go criteria as a benchmark to develop ventures. Supported by veterans in the private equity, M&A and corporate development, Faktion has been able to professionalize its corporate development and venture building activities.


the pilot phase



the go-to-market phase



the scaling phase


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