About us

About our company and culture

About our company and culture

About Us

Builders. Not Talkers.

Experience the benefits of Europe’s leading engineers build your solution, bringing senior experience to the table in the fields of deep learning, machine learning, data streaming platforms and chat bots. Feel equally comfortable behind a keyboard and non-disclosures, we are some of world’s largest companies’ secret weapon in their machine and deep learning strategy.


We talk technology

Jointly, our technology stack spans NodeJS, Python, Scala, Java, ReactJS, over Flink, Spark, TensorFlow, … and other specific frameworks to add intelligence to your digital products, business or production processes. Based on years of experience and first class partnerships with the three major cloud providers Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, we can support pure-play cloud-based or hybrid streaming data architectures. We build as much as possible on existing toolkits to provide the most value in the least amount of time.



Our engineering culture is based on Spotify’s agile model, who have introduced the concept of factions. Much like Spotify, we consider a faktion to be the smallest unit that should be capable of working and delivering a product or MVP. This enables us to quickly iterate on releases, and deliver your production-ready critical solution within budget and time.


We work where it’s most efficient. This means, we typically like to work in an environment where we can combine being close to the product owner while having enough headspace to get work done. We equally invite product owners to join us in our cool offices, or we work on location with you. As long as our engineers can perform in the most optimal conditions that your project deserves, we are flexible.


Our services

AI Strategy & Transformation

Self-assessing your own company’s AI skills can give you a biased, optimistic and incomplete view. Use a third party like Faktion to assess your AI readiness. At the end of the assessment, you get an AI SWORD: Artificial Intelligence – Strengs, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Risks and Directions.

Natural Language Understanding

Faktion has the most accurate and complete Natural Language Processing solution on the European market. Through our NLP framework, we can provide exceptionally fast results building on our earlier work and research. From classification, document or email processing, information extraction to personality, demographical and mood analysis.

Applied Machine & Deep Learning

AI systems fuel tomorrow’s world. As digital solutions are expected to deliver smarter experiences, our aim is to bring new levels of convenience to people worldwide. We deliver the academic and engineering background to build, train and deploy classifiers, chat bots and other algorithms to make your solutions more personal, smart and proactive.

Real-time Data and Compute Platforms

Event-based and real-time data streaming architectures shape the backbone of companies that deal with mobile, Internet of Things or other solutions where high-speed volumes of data need to be processed. Let’s build scalable, no-ops pipelines for Machine Learning.