Waste reduction
& quality improvement
through parameter optimization

Manufacturing process of technical yarns, cords and fabrics​

We operationalized ​
an AI-model​

to help our client understand and optimize​ the parameters driving technical cords ​& fabrics quality.

The industry leader aimed to reduce fractures of the produced materials significantly in its production process, because each fracture gets repaired, which results in lower quality and value.​


Optimization of the
​maintenance operations​

Optimizing the timing of flushing operations.​

Optimization of the ​
parameter settings​

Analyzing and optimizing the polymerization process parameters.​


After developing the model, ​we were able to perform optimizations in the process based on this.

"Further parameter optimization enabled the model to optimize the production process of these high-tenacity polyester filament yarns."

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Predicted break reduction
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