Reducing operational costs through​
Smart Energy Management

Leading manufacturer of building materials​


We gave process engineers the ability ​ to detect and compare the factors driving energy consumption in their plant.

Our client wanted to modernize their plants by​ optimizing the energy consumption of their furnaces ​ in their production process, resulting in a reduction ​ of operational costs & carbon footprint.​


Slow, continuous, process (>72h)

Different types of materials​

Sensor data of over
100 different sensors

Requiring extensive cleaning, parsing for multiple formats ​& selecting the sensor data with the best predictive power

Not all properties of the oven state are directly measured​

Digital twin simulations
acted as virtual sensor


Some key parameters & features ​
that influence the outcome:​


“Using time series analysis and different types of regression models, our team provided a quantification of all influences on gas consumption in the baking and drying processes.”

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