10 practical use cases emerged from the strategy workshop at Advionics

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Advionics offers high-tech electronic solutions for the aviation industry and maintains a leading role in the development, manufacturing, and installation of advanced avionic systems. The company covers a total product life cycle from development, prototyping, industrialization, procurement, production, up to maintenance and repair, customer support and obsolescence management.

How did you experience the collaboration?

While expectations were high, these were amply met. The workshop was very well prepared and structured. Both for profiles that already have a specific AI knowledge, as well as for employees with limited prior experience, this workshop offers a way to learn the essence of Machine Learning quickly. The essentials are handled from a helicopter view without going into unnecessary depth.

How do you assess the content of the strategy workshop?

The build-up that covered general knowledge, theory, concrete practical examples, and pitfalls was excellent! The workshop was supervised by two experienced consultants, which ensured that two small teams could be briefly guided during brainstorming exercises to ensure maximum output.

What results did you get from the workshop?

Advionics is very satisfied with the use cases that have emerged. In just one day, about ten use cases appeared, of which we see the short-term potential for three concrete initiatives. Other cases, however, require even more orientation to build a concrete business case in the longer term. Even if this is not followed up in the short term with AI, they form a fruitful distillation of the workshop to continue on these topics from different angles. Apart from the firm business cases as an outcome, this workshop was an instructive activity for the management team. The structured brainstorm, in which we were able to think out-of-the-box, allowed us to generate insight into where we, as a company, can still improve our processes.

Jan Bonte



In just one day, about ten use cases appeared, of which we see the short-term potential for three concrete initiatives.
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