AI Strategy & Transformation

AI Strategy & Transformation

Self-assessing your own company’s AI skills can give you a biased, optimistic and incomplete view. Use a third party like Faktion to assess your AI readiness. At the end of the assessment, you get an AI SWORD: Artificial Intelligence – Strengs, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Risks and Directions.

Data is the soil your organisation’s future is growing in.

We help by mapping the scattered sources of data you have across different departments and assessing their quality, security and potential value. We interview key stakeholders and data experts to get more insight. Because of our expertise in multiple industries, we can tell you what your strengths are, and where your weaknesses lie. We give recommendations and a 5-year roadmap on how to bring your company’s data strategy to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence should be an important cornerstone of your company’s strategy. Assessing your current state can be tough to do internally. That is why we have developed an objective evaluation framework that allows us to assess your current Artificial Intelligence maturity. Afterwards, we can help you define a A.I. strategy and work with you to transform the culture of your company.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Initial Repeatable Defined Managed Optimizing
Strategy No corporate initiatives. Isolated. Integration and cooperation in multiple business units. Penetration of AI in all business units Evidence based process metrics regarding AI usage Continuous improvement and AI as a well known and common strategy
Data Scattered and unmapped data sources and tools Some centralized sources, tools or data lakes available Centralized data warehouses with mapped data quality and potential. Corporate standard tools Data Management and value potential is known and reported on consistently. Enterprise AI architecture defined Active steps are taken to optimize monetization
People Training and people is ad hoc and individual People development and regular courses Data competency and development frameworks Organizational structure, culture of innovation. Collaboration according to competencies Data literacy is a cornerstone of talent management with mandatory and continuous development for all relevant employees
Legal Scattered or unclear responsibility Awareness training. Defined and communicated responsibilities Clear responsibility with centralized oversight, enforcement and training Internal audits, mandatory reporting and penalization. Legal compliance as an asset and unique selling point

Our expertise

  • Faktion has unique experience in building, managing and growing data science teams
  • Faktion has done multiple projects in all major industries, giving us a clear view of industry specific problems, state-of-the-art solutions and future directions
  • Faktion has legal advisors who helped shape the GDPR regulation and its interpretation
  • We are deeply technological, focused and process driven to help your company’s AI and ML strategy grow to a mature level