How AI Transforms Financial Services

With the global artificial intelligence (AI) market expected to be at almost $60 billion by 2025, many applications transform everyday life. Organizations seek ways to sustain their competitiveness in the marketplace by using AI to power what people see online, purchase products, and provide personal recommendations. As consumers realize the benefits of AI to them, they are more willing to share personal data, giving businesses a fantastic opportunity to innovate.

Jane allows elders to stay at home longer

The Jane smart alert system has matured through several iterations with testers providing invaluable feedback that allowed the system to reach the accuracy it has today.

Jane allows elders to stay home longer

Jane helps elderly people living alone who wish to stay longer in the comfort of their own homes. For their comfort, but also their families’. Through the use of IoT technology, combined with Artificial Intelligence, Jane has developed a solution to help the elderly stay at home longer while never being really alone. Even if you can’t go by every day, the app will tell you if everything is OK and whether you need to take action.

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